I'm Leia, nice to meet you! I'm a California native, currently living and working in Melbourne. My work is in visual arts, graphic design, and theatre.

I became an artist and creative thinker at a very young age (thanks Mom!), and, while primarily a painter and graphic designer, I have played with many other mediums, including photography, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, collage, and printmaking.

My passion for the arts evolved as I attended Georgetown University. As part of the School of Foreign Service, I wanted to explore how people around the world use art to form cultural connections and spark dialogue about individuality and multiculturalism. ​This led me to become Executive Director of an international arts nonprofit, Paintbrush Diplomacy. I love nonprofits, and I believe in the power of the arts to improve our communities at all levels, local to global.

At Georgetown I also began working in theatre, learning a variety of technical and artistic skills such as scenic painting, carpentry, welding, and rigging. Theatre has a way of pulling you in and not letting go, so I continued developing these skills in my work with the San Francisco Playhouse.

Through it all, I am always exploring, learning, and finding new passions. And I especially love working with diverse people, groups, and organizations.

Thanks for looking at my work, and I hope we can work together soon!